Simple & Easy Used Smart Home
Getting Up Mode 7:00
When light music plays automatically, curtains and windows are opened slowly, and breezes ways in the early morning, you can enjoy washing at the same time as listening to the news broadcasted from mirror.

Leaving Home Mode 7:30
One-button or voice darming mode, you can turn off lights or any other smart appliances Intelligently. Avariety of security sensors, cameras are ready for protection.
Wholeday Real-Time Mode
You can check home situation by APP when you are not at home in realtime. No longer worry about whether elderly parents are fine at home,and you can observe the kittens.
Going Home Mode  19:00
You dragged your tired body back home after a busy day. You can unlocked in 0.2 seconds by fingerprint, light illuminates you, air conditioner is turned on for you, smart video plays your favorite music, and water heater is ready for hot water. ‘Home’ welcomes the owner back home in its way.
Theater Mode 20:30
Don't want to go out to watch a movie when you worked too tired? Take the theater home! Theater mode opens when you press one button, curtains pulling up automatically, lights, air conditioner and other atmosphere props adjusting automatically. All these try they best to create
atmosphere you prefer, make you pleasure.
Sleeping Mode 22:30
While drowsiness comes, will you go to turn off TV, close windows and curtains, turn off lights, etc?You just need to drillin to the bedonly by one click turning on sleep mode.
Safe Mode
The smart anti-theft system based on identity recognition does not need to pay attention to arming ordisarming. If anyone arrive shome ,it will disarm automatically, and it will arm automatically when al lmembers leave home. The most safety sensor, guards home water, electricity and gas all the time. It will alarm and take measures to solve hidden danger and notify by phone to people when it is indanger.
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